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Eggg / Port Brasta Crew


Eggg is a one-man project that has been part of Prague's music scene for a decade now under different monickers. His debut album was released "Smoke on the waterpipe" on Acid Juice label in 1997. Since then he contributed to various compilations such as "Jungle is massive" (Bradahood,1998), OcuRec compilation (Zivel magazine, 1998), "Backwards Retro" (Intellygent rec., 2000) etc. as well as remixes for various czech artists - for example "Alvik-Beatskip RMX" (Quazidelict, 2004).

In 2001, Eggg changed his name to Öggg Van Port Brasta and released the 2nd album "Next level" - this time on BMG.

These days Öggg is breathing deeply and working on a new music. In the meantime, you can check his works at his personal website.

Project names used: Eggg, Öggg, Gate 6, Port Brasta Crew, Lowbass Area and a few more :-) < Back